Make the most of your data with the versatility and accessibility of Google Sheets.

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What can this integration do?

Integrating Google Sheets with Structured brings the power of spreadsheets together with advanced analytics capabilities. Here's what you can achieve:

  • Sync Google Sheets data seamlessly into Structured, enabling centralized data management and analysis.
  • Utilize Structured's advanced analytics features to perform in-depth analysis and visualization on your Google Sheets data.
  • Combine data from multiple Google Sheets documents into a single repository within Structured for comprehensive reporting and insights.
  • Automate data updates between Google Sheets and Structured, ensuring that your analysis is always based on the latest information.

How do I integrate this with Structured?

Integrating Google Sheets with Structured is straightforward:

  • Navigate to the integrations section within Structured and select Google Sheets.
  • Authenticate your Google account and authorize Structured to access your Google Sheets data.
  • Choose the specific Google Sheets documents you want to integrate with Structured and define the data synchronization settings.
  • Once configured, your Google Sheets data will be automatically synced with Structured, ready for analysis and visualization.

By integrating Google Sheets with Structured, you can streamline your data analysis workflows, enhance collaboration, and gain deeper insights from your spreadsheet data.