Rely on Postgres for robust database management and complex data workloads.

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What can this integration do?

Integrating Postgres with Structured brings the power of relational database management into the realm of advanced data analytics and visualization. This integration enables users to:

  • Seamlessly transfer data from Postgres databases into Structured for centralized data analysis and reporting.
  • Automate real-time data synchronization between Postgres and Structured, ensuring data is current and accurate for decision-making processes.
  • Conduct sophisticated analyses and visualizations within Structured using Postgres data, unlocking deeper insights into business operations.
  • Maintain data integrity across systems, leveraging Postgres for data storage and Structured for analytics and insights.

How do I integrate this with Structured?

Creating a bridge between Postgres and Structured simplifies data workflows and enhances analytics capabilities:

  • Start by configuring the connection to your Postgres database within Structured’s integration settings, ensuring secure access to your data.
  • Select specific tables and fields from your Postgres database that you want to sync with Structured, tailoring the data flow to fit your analytical needs.
  • Benefit from Structured’s advanced data processing features to refine, transform, and prepare your Postgres data for comprehensive analysis.
  • Activate continuous, bidirectional data synchronization to keep your Structured analytics environment aligned with your Postgres database updates.

By integrating Postgres with Structured, organizations unlock a streamlined pathway to transforming raw data into actionable business intelligence, leveraging the best of both platforms to drive growth and efficiency.